by Robert Davydov on Mar 18, 2021


Known for its historically rich and diverse communities, beautiful scenery, and intense energy,  New York City houses one of the world’s largest shopping districts for diamonds; the renowned Diamond District. In the heart of the city off of 47th street sits a small market that averages over 20 billion dollars worth of annual sales. It comes as no surprise that over 85% of imported diamonds make their way through New York City’s Diamond District before reaching other retailers. With overbearing sellers littered and loitering in front of their own shops for the 500 feet between 5th and 6th avenue, it’s no wonder the infamous block is known for its aggressive sellers with intense yet surprisingly convincing selling techniques.

Yet one quick Google search will provide you with tips and tricks to avoid stressful haggling and overwhelming dealers looking to make a profit off an average consumer. But is that enough to take on the combative street jewelers? Well like a lamb in the lion’s den, the Gemological Institute of America (also known as the GIA) sits in the middle of the block serving its purpose of assuring clients and consumers their purchases are certified and legit. Many of the 4000 jewelers in midtown Manhattan certify their diamonds with the world’s foremost authority on gemstones, pearls, and diamonds. And for many, this serves as a catalyst to closing a sale. But are you really getting a better deal? Author Michael Fried debates this in his article “NYC Diamond District Review: Why Buy Them at Street Value?”

With E-commerce leading consumers away from your typical Brick and Mortar stores, companies like James Allen and Blue Nile are making shopping for diamond and fine jewelry more accessible and readily available at a fraction of the cost and time. Yet people are still left looking for a more personal connection- a position that speaking to an automated representative may leave empty. Award winning jeweler designer Morris & David has branched out into online retail and launched its daughter Company ‘Davizi’ as a way to bridge that gap and offer an experience like no other.

When shopping for diamonds and fine jewelry, exceptional quality is the leading aspect many consumers seek after, leaving customer service and cost in a 2nd and 3rd place; Davizi’s online sales manager Robert believes: Why compromise? Offering their pieces at an 80% discounted price, Davizi’s satisfaction guaranteed is backed by endless client reviews that share insight on what their shopping experience consisted of- most of them ranging a near perfect score of 5 stars. A known shared attribute amongst the thousands of jewelers in the Diamond District is the lack of empathy, client support and transparency. Davizi has set out to break that stereo type and leave a refreshing feel-good ambiance between them and their returning clients. So whether you’re seriously shopping or endlessly scrolling on Instagram during your lunch break, consider a risk free (and hassle free) option and shop Davizi.


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